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The date of National Bae Day is June 10. It’s one of the many occasions throughout the year that are designated for couples to enjoy together. Are you aware that the acronym “bae” means “before anyone else”? That is correct, really. Simply put, naming someone your “bae” indicates that you value them beyond all others and should treat them as such to ensure they never question their significance in your life. This is your chance to tell your significant other that they are the most important person in your life on National Bae Day. Make your partner feel special today.

More about the word “Bae”

Every year on June 10th, National Bae Day is a day to honour the most significant someone in your life. Online accounts claim that this isn’t an official celebration. The Oxford Dictionary defines “bae” as someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Although more trustworthy sources claim that the term “bae” is an acronym for “babe” or “baby,” many people view it as slang that came from the phrase “before anyone else.”

The origin

It’s unclear where National Bae Day came from. However, given the existence of days such as National Boyfriend Day, it is believed that this one originated online. Digital creative Lele Pons founded National Bae Day in 2018, according to other reports. It seems that she wants a celebration honoring the value, strength, and beauty of a committed partnership.

Fun Activities to enjoy with you Bae:

On National Bae Day, you may honour your loved one with a ton of exciting activities:

  • You can go on a date with your significant other. Some ideas for dates are going to the movies, dining out, or having a picnic. Shopping for groceries together can even be considered a sweet little date.
  • On social media, give each other praise. First, National Bae Day gained popularity on social media. Therefore, it only makes sense to celebrate each other by posting a photo and a sweet message.
  • On this particular day, remind your lover how precious they are by giving them a nice gift.
  • Celebrate other couples to share the happiness. Even if you’re single right now, you can still enjoy National Bae Day by supporting and financing the dates of other couples or doing anything else.


In the end all i want to say is all though you don’t need a day to make your partner feel special. But having days like these gives you great opportunity to have a whole day dedicated to your Bae. Giving your partner extra love and attention can keep the spark going. All these are just more reasons for one to keep the romance rekindle. Therefore, it makes you appreciate that you have someone with you no matter what. So, this Bae day, go and have a fun/romantic day with your bae, keep the romance alive.


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