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Having a good self esteem boost your confidence and makes you feel 10x confidence to go out and face the world. Self-esteem for me is a very personal topic as I used to struggle having it years ago. But now I am so happy to say that I am so much more confident. It does not affect me what people say or think about me, because I think I am good, because I think I am intelligent, because I am I am pretty, because I think I can do it. Lets learn how we boost our self-esteem and feel more better about ourselves.

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is how you feel about your own general worth or value. It’s similar to self-respect in that it shows how confident you are in your skills and personality. Having good self-esteem can affect how motivated you are, how mentally healthy you are, and how good your life is in general. But it can be bad to have self-esteem that is either too high or too low. To find the right balance for you, you may need to learn more about your own amount of self-esteem.

How to have a Good Self-Esteem?

• Treat yourself as you would a closest friend. Be supportive, kind, and understanding. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that you’ve made a mistake.
• Every time you criticize yourself, pause and look for objective proof that the criticism is accurate. (If you don’t think you can be objective, ask a trustworthy friend for their opinion.) You will understand that the majority of your negative self-talk is unfounded.
• Recognize that everyone is unique, and that each human existence is valuable in and of itself. Make an attempt to accept yourself, flaws and all.
• Worry is simply stressing about the future. Accept that you cannot see or change the future, and try to keep your thoughts in the present.
• And most importantly, have fun. I think with all of this pressure that world gives us, we forget to have fun. Do think that make you happy, enjoy the smallest bits of life.

Don’t feel afraid to Seek help:

While many variables that contribute to poor self-esteem, such as genetic predisposition, early childhood experiences and personality traits, may be beyond one’s control, there are measures one may adopt to enhance feelings of security and self-worth. It is important to remember that every individual is equally deserving of respect and value. Being mindful of this can assist you in preserving a robust feeling of self-worth.

Talking to someone you trust like a friend, or a family member or your partner helps, as they are going to explain it in their perspective. Sometimes talking, letting it all out is very important, it makes you feel lighter.
Engage in reading literature focused on personal growth and improvement. Reading can help you distract your mind, and at times all you need is a distraction for you to stop negative thoughts. Reading can be very peaceful and healing.

And last but not the least, find a qualified therapist. Sometimes talking to someone you know can be awkward. So, seeking help from professional can really help be in the right path. Don’t forget you are not alone in this journey and you will get through it while becoming strong.

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