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As a website owner if you are interested in article writing here are some tips. You must adhere to certain rules in order to post your content and attract Google’s attention. People often look for websites to blog and post articles on but can’t because they didn’t read the rules carefully.

In the end, they have to move on to other websites, so it’s best to follow these rules to make sure your content fits the right niche before you send an article or blog post:

  • Your articles should give people useful knowledge and be completely original.
  • You should write everything in a tone that sounds like a conversation.
  • Use the appropriate category or niche for the content.
  • Your blog or article should not contain any plagiarism. We will immediately remove your article or blog if we find any plagiarism.
  • Correct usage of grammar and writing is required.
  • The topic needs to be excellent and educational.
  • The H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags should be used in a way that is good for SEO.
  • Should use at least 1 and 2 internal links.
  • Should only be used for 1 or 3 outbound links at most.
  • The most words you can use is 1200. The cap starts at 425¬†words.
  • No one should find your content rude, defamatory, or inappropriate.
  • You can write about anything, like Technology, Business, Education, SEO, Real Estate, Health & Fitness, Travel and so on.

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