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Most of us probably wish we had a bit more self-assurance. a sense of confidence in your skills, traits, and discernment? It may pertain to a broader feeling of confidence in your capacity to manage your life, or it may be more context-specific. For instance, you can feel quite confident in one area of your competence but not so much in another. Studies indicate that self-assurance plays a crucial role in maintaining physical and mental health.

Confidence, however, is hard to build and maintain, and it may be quickly lost when one believes they have failed or made a mistake. You should therefore make a concerted effort to maintain your elevated sense of self-worth. As cheesy as it may sound, you truly do need to believe in yourself!

There are consequences to the doubt that results from second-guessing oneself on the inside as well as the outside. In addition to having an impact on you and your self-esteem, confidence conveys to others your reliability and competence, which has positive social and professional effects.”


Tips and Tricks to be More confident

Self-confidence takes time and a lot of ups and downs to build confidence. Following are some pointers to have in mind as you work toward developing your confidence:
  • Little things matter: And you should rejoice in whatever way brings you joy, even in the little things. Go ahead and have a large bowl of ice cream if that’s what you need. Always remember where you started when you monitor your advancement. Imagine that you would be happy with where you are now if that version of yourself existed.
  • Dont be afraid of being vulnerable: Being open and vulnerable with strangers and in unfamiliar situations can be frightening. But don’t be scared to let yourself open up when you’re discovering new things and moving beyond of your comfort zone. You can accept your fears and anxieties as you get older, but don’t allow them stop you from trying new things.
  • Give details: To determine the areas you wish to have greater confidence in, you must focus within. In what areas do you lack self-assurance? Where do you feel most confident? Being specific in your goals will be made easier by recognizing these elements.


Treat Yourself with Kindness

When you make a mistake, fall short, or face a setback, self-compassion entails treating yourself with kindness. It improves your ability to handle difficult emotions and makes you more emotionally adaptable, strengthening your bonds with both people and yourself.

I stand by this so much, because if you cant love and care for yourself, how do you expect other to do the same. Spend alone time, do what makes you happy, wear clothes that makes you feel comfort. Stop caring about about what people think and start caring about what you think and feel. This is your life you rule. Done make someone else the writer of you own story.

I one time saw this video and it has stuck with me ever since. “Are you really spending your only life worrying about what others think?”. Such a simple yet so true line. So whenever i find myself worrying about what other might think of me, i just think about this line. And that is what i would advise you all.

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