Apex Sector 150 NoidaApex Sector 150 Noida


Apex Sector 150 Noida is an apartment project. It offers 3 BHK luxury apartments. These flats are in an amazing spot in Sector 150, Noida, and they provide a way of life that cannot be overwhelmed. With its best blend of cutting-edge offerings, clean get-entry, and adherence to Vastu principles.

Location Advantages:

One of the important thing highlights of this project is its strategic place. This residential mission is proper in the middle of Noida, near all of the city’s primary sights and services. Here are some right matters about the area to consider.

Indira Gandhi International Airport:

Folks can without problems get to and from the airport; it only takes 30 minutes to drive there. Apex Sector 150 may be very beneficial for individuals who move plenty or have their own family and friends living in different countries.

Pari Chowk Metro Station:

Located just 8.1 kilometers away, the metro station presents seamless connectivity to numerous components of Noida and Delhi. It’s in no way been less difficult to get to work or see the metropolis.

Nishkarsh Medicare Center:

Situated an insignificant 2 kilometers away, this healthcare facility guarantees that citizens have to get admission to pleasant scientific services in case of emergencies or recurring take a look at-ups.

Sanford World School:

For households with kids, having a reputable educational institution close by is critical. A great instructional possibility for the young brains of the day after today is Sanford World School. It is the best 2 kilometers away.


It is close to essential roads and public transportation, making it clean for people to get around. The building is near a throughway, which makes it smooth to get to vital locations in and around Noida. Additionally, public transportation is straightforward to locate, which makes riding a breeze.

Made with Vastu Principles:

The project has taken first-rate care to make sure that the residences are made in step with Vastu guidelines. Vastu Shastra is an antique Indian architectural technological know-how that attempts to make harmonious living regions by lining up natural factors. Because these ideas are using, Apex Sector 150 Noida presents a good and healthy place to live.

Project Overview:

The project has big, properly-thought-out deluxe homes which are each elegant and snug. Each flat carefully designed to make the maximum of herbal light and airflow, making the building experience calm and welcoming. Each room in these fancy homes has a hint of sophistication because they may be made with awesome substances and finishes.


The apartment is proud to present quite a few distinctive services to satisfy the wants and desires of its residents. Every part of Apex Projects In Sector 150 Noida, from the equipped fitness center and swimming pool to the landscaped gardens and play regions for kids, was carefully selected to make life better average. 24/7 protection and strength backup additionally ensure that life goes on without a hitch.


Apex Projects Noida is the fine region to stay in case you need pleasant luxury, comfort, and ease of life. This residential building offers a lifestyle that goes above and past expectations thanks to its wonderful place, clean get-right of entry, adherence to Vastu concepts, and a huge range of present-day amenities. These homes will make your life better and give you a flavor of luxury residing in this project.

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