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Numax City Muzaffarnagar has a unique mix of high-end apartments, beautiful villas and residential plots that can be customised to fit the wants of all homebuyers. With its cutting-edge features, ideal position and carefully thought-out layout. This project promises to change the way people live in the modern world.

Project Overview

There are different kinds of homes in the project, from well-equipped apartments and large villas to flexible living plots. Careful planning goes into every living place, making sure it has high-quality finishes and modern conveniences. There are also well-kept common areas, lots of green spaces and a variety of recreation facilities in the neighborhood that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

Location Advantage

Raghu Vihar, Civil Lines South, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh 251001 is where Numax City is located. It provides the best connectivity and ease. Mount Litera Zed School, Vardhman Hospital, and ASJ Grand Plaza Mall are just a short drive away for residents. The strategic position of the project makes it easy to get to schools, hospitals and shopping centres, making it a great choice for both families and professionals.

Master Plan

The project master plan shows how well urban planning and construction can be done. The roads are wide, there are lots of parking spots, and the infrastructure is well-kept, all of which make life there better. This layout is meant to help people feel like they are part of a group while still giving them privacy and peace.

Real Estate:

The Numax City Mansurpur stands out in the real estate market for its commitment to quality and excellence. Premium materials and cutting-edge building methods are used to build the apartments and houses, making them last and look good for a long time. Anyone who buys one of the residential plots can plan and build a home that fits their needs.

Best Investment

The great location of the project, along with its many amenities and high-quality building. Make it very likely that the value will go up over time. The development closeness to important healthcare facilities, shopping malls and schools makes it more appealing as a long-term investment. If you want to buy a house for your family or look for a good investment. It has the best of both worlds, value and growth potential.


More than just a housing project, Numax City Muzaffarnagar is a place to live that offers comfort, convenience and luxury. The project position in Raghu Vihar, Civil Lines South, Muzaffarnagar and its closeness to important services like Mount Litera Zed School, Vardhman Hospital and ASJ Grand Plaza Mall make it very easy to get to and use. For picky homebuyers and investors. It is a great choice because it has a well-thought-out master plan, high-quality building and a lot of investment potential.

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