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This article is about this amazing book I read years ago, Ikigai by Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles. The meaning of this beautiful word is a reason to live, which is also the moto of Japanese people. The author interview over 100+ Japanese older generation with the intention of finding their secret of long healthy living. One that was common amongst them was they all had an ikigai. As we all know Japanese are known for their dedication towards their work. And even with the way they are as an individual, being so fit, honest and kind. All of these things give us motivation to become the best version of ourself. Let’s dive more deeper and learn more about this awesome book.


Meaning of Ikigai?

The Japanese phrase “ikigai” combines the words “iki,” which means “alive” or “life,” and “gai,” which means “benefit” or “worth.”. If your ikigai is strong, it signifies that the things you love, the things you excel at, the things you can earn money for, and the needs of the world all align. Then, every day has value. That’s why we get up in the morning. In fact, there is no word in Japanese that means “retire” in the way that the English word does. This is also why many Japanese people never really retire: they stay busy doing what they enjoy because they’ve found a real purpose in life: the happiness that comes from always being busy.


How to find Your Ikigai:

One of our most basic desires as humans is to find meaning in life. However, we are all familiar with the difficulty of pursuing our true desires in life. Japanese ikigai can help. Ikigai is a purpose for existence or what makes life worthwhile, yet there is no translation. When our passions and talents match what others need and are ready to pay for, we find our ikigai. Finding our ikigai gives us meaning, purpose, and better physical and mental health. More so, it improves immunological function, life expectancy, anxiety, and resilience (Hui & Fung, 2009; Ishida, 2011).


Things to keep in mind

Many people, intentionally or unconsciously, search for ikigai, their reason for being or waking up joyously. Although ikigai definitions differ, there is universal agreement that finding this compelling purpose in life leads to greater fulfillment and pleasure. Humans are driven to pursue passions, develop talents, help others, and make a living. It is unclear where these drives may intersect to create a fulfilling life. Here comes self-reflection and study. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when attempting to learn about your purpose in life. The key is to keep pushing forward and ask for help when needed. Continue taking active steps toward your goals, no matter how modest. Keep moving!



Ikigai is a philosophical perspective that advocates for the search of one’s life’s purpose and significance. Discovering one’s Ikigai can potentially yield beneficial effects on an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional welfare. Individuals can utilize Ikigai as a valuable instrument to navigate the challenges of daily life in today’s fast-paced society. However, it is crucial to adopt a balanced viewpoint when considering the concept and avoid succumbing to the overwhelming burden of discovering one’s purpose.


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