Rustomjee 180 Bayview Matunga


Rustomjee 180 Bayview Matunga gives 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats. Setting a new general for luxurious residing in the heart of Mumbai. The well-known Rustomjee Group top-notch residential property is made to fulfill the wishes of contemporary homebuyers via combining style, consolation and simplicity of use.

Master Plan

Its master plan was carefully made to make a peaceful place to live. The subdivision has wide interior roads, lots of parking spots, and lush green landscaping that makes it feel calm. The apartment blocks are placed in a way that lets in the most natural light and airflow, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. 

Prime Location

The Rustomjee 180 Bayview is in a great area of Matunga and has easy access to many parts of Mumbai. Matunga known for having a lively town, excellent schools, hospitals, and entertainment spots. The project is in a great spot that makes it easy to get to major highways, train stops and bus routes. This makes it easy to get to the town commercial enterprise districts and other crucial regions. People who live right here can revel in the benefits of city lifestyles whilst nonetheless being close to offerings and things they need.


The construction of this property is an extremely good mix of contemporary style and useful capability. The flats very excellent to live in due to the fact they have present-day interiors with awesome finishes and fixtures. The use of wonderful merchandise and new strategies for production ensures sturdiness and sturdiness. Its layout consists of inexperienced and lengthy-lasting capabilities. Which makes it a fantastic desire for folks who care about the earth.

Vaastu Shashtra

Vaastu Shastra was used to plan Rustomjee Matunga West Mumbai, which makes for a peaceful and happy place to live. The flats carefully designed to improve the flow of energy. Which will help the people who live there be happy and successful. Also following Vaastu rules makes the living areas even more comfortable and peaceful, making them truly lucky.


The facilities include a swimming pool, a fully stocked gym, a play place for kids, beautifully landscaped gardens and a jogging track. Also the multi-purpose hall can be used for many things, while the lounge great for getting together with friends and holding community events. There is also security around the clock, a backup power supply and effective waste management systems in the project. Makes it a safe and easy place to live.


Finally, Rustomjee 180 Bayview Matunga is a great place to live in one of Mumbai’s most sought-after areas. As a top residential building, it stands out for its well-designed apartments, great location, modern amenities and adherence to Vaastu principles. So the project offers both a high-class way of life and a good investment for the future.

By Henery Smith

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