Mahindra Malad West MumbaiMahindra Malad West Mumbai


Mahindra Malad West Mumbai is a luxurious residential property with 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats which might be made to shape the contemporary desires of metropolis residents. An ideal preference for households, professionals and investors. This project through Mahindra Lifespaces is located in the center of West Mumbai and gives a mix of consolation, convenience and luxury.

Project Highlights

The incredible features of this project make it stand out. The apartments are made so that lots of natural light and airflow can get in while maximizing room use. Individual apartments have modern interiors with high-quality finishes that make living there comfy and stylish. With a lot of services designed to make lifestyles higher for citizens, the property also includes a number of unique capabilities. 

Prime Location

Its excellent function is one of the great matters about Mahindra Malad West. The project is located in Malad West, a distinguished and unexpectedly developing part of Mumbai. It provides excellent access to important parts of the city. Simple access to the Western Express Highway, Malad Railway Station and new metro stops will make commuting easy for locals. Furthermore, its closeness to well-known schools, hospitals, shopping malls and entertainment spots makes it a desirable place to reside.

Master Plan

The master plan for this property was carefully imagined to make a peaceful place to live. Multiple residential towers are planned to be put in a way that provides privacy and clear views. In order to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, the layout includes lots of green places, walking paths and play areas. 

Vaastu Shastra

Utilizing the ideas of Vaastu Shastra, Mahindra Upcoming Malad West Project makes sure that the living areas are not only visually pleasing but also encourage good health and energy. Based on Vaastu principles, the buildings alignment, the placement of rooms and the overall design all work together to create a balanced and peaceful setting for the people who live there.


An array of facilities are available at this property to meet the various wants of its residents. There is a modern clubhouse, jogging tracks, multiple indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a multipurpose hall, and advanced video systems that provide security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, the presence of convenience shops and designated parking spaces makes living even better.


The Mahindra Malad West Mumbai residential project is a great example of how to live in the modern world while also being in a great spot. By offering flats, it meets loads of one-of-a-kind needs and wants. Combining Vaastu Shastra with plenty of offerings ensures that the citizens have a complete and gratifying existence. This improvement ready to emerge as a landmark address and placed in a lively location in West Mumbai. It gives the right mix of luxury, comfort and convenience.

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