Gaurs NYC Residences NH24 Ghaziabad


Gaurs NYC Residences NH24 Ghaziabad is a famous property developed by Gaursons India a well-known company in the real estate sector located on the busy NH24 in Ghaziabad, it provides 4 BHK Flats. This construction offers an exceptional level of luxury and ease attracting the interest of both those who plan to use the property and those looking to invest. Due to its closeness to Delhi and Noida as well as its superb accessibility this location highly regarded as an ideal residential choice.


Project Overview

It spreads over a large area of land filled with ample greenery environment, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The project offers a diverse range of 4 BHK apartments specifically built to give generous space and ample natural light. Every flat is carefully design guaranteeing a seamless integration of beauty and practicality. It is an essential part of an expansive township. Providing people with easy access to educational institutions, medical facilities, commercial centers and recreational amenities.


Floor Plan

The floor layouts of Gaurs NYC Residences Ghaziabad are carefully designed to maximize space use and guarantee comfort. Every apartment has large bedrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, sophisticated living spaces and balconies with picturesque views. The design guarantees confidentiality and enables customization to suit individual preferences.


Vaastu Shastra

It aims to bring in good energy and create harmony in the living spaces with Vaastu Shastra concepts. The apartments are carefully built. Prioritizing an ideal arrangement of rooms, doors and windows to promote physical well-being, contentment and financial success.



Choosing to invest in Gaurs NYC Residences In Ghaziabad is an intelligent choice because of its advantageous location and the respected reputation of Gaursons India. The property value expected to increase over time due to ongoing infrastructural improvements in the area and the ease of being near significant commercial hubs.



Residents of this structure are provided with a wide range of amenities that greatly enhance their standard of living. The amenities provided include a modern clubhouse, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, jogging tracks and designated play places for children. The project also has 24/7 surveillance, a backup power supply and enough parking space guaranteeing a secure and easy living experience.



This project showcases modern life with its luxurious residences designed to meet the requirements of modern families. Due to its advantageous geographical position, meticulous architectural planning and top-notch facilities. It establishes itself as a leading residential choice in the NCR area. If you are searching for a new residence or a profitable investment, Gaurs NYC Residences NH24 Ghaziabad guarantees a lifestyle characterized by comfort, ease and financial success.

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