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Devika Katra is a bold and new project in Jammu, that goals to offer a whole dwelling and running environment. There are a variety of stores, a 5-star hotel and high-end provider residences inside the building. Which makes it a unique location to keep, live and stay.

Master Plan

Its master plan was carefully made to make sure that the commercial and residential areas fit together smoothly while still keeping a peaceful living environment. The project covers a large area and has separate areas for shops, a 5-star hotel and service flats. The layout is made to make it as easy and accessible as possible, with well-planned interior roads, lots of parking and lush green landscaping. 

Best Location

Strategically located in the middle of Katra, Devika Katra Jammu has easy access to all areas. It is in an awesome spot that makes it smooth to get to fundamental transportation hubs simply because of the Katra Railway Station and the Jammu Airport. This makes it beneficial for both vacationers and locals. Also, the construction is near the well-known Vaishno Devi Temple, which is a chief pilgrimage website. This makes it a first-rate choice for vacationers who want to live in a pleasing vicinity. 

Floor Plan

The floor plan for this project changed into cautiously thought out to make satisfactory use of the room and improve functionality. The retail regions are located in a way that brings within the most number of customers and makes purchasing a laugh. Service apartments are made to feel like home while also having the conveniences of a hotel. This makes them perfect for long-term stays and business housing. It’s even better to live at this project because it has wide walkways, green places, and play areas.

Real Estate

Investors and buyers can rest easy knowing that the Devika Projects In Katra follows the rules set by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). This guarantees openness, legal clarity, and on-time delivery. This project unique mix of retail, hospitality and residential spaces, along with its great location. Makes it a very appealing business opportunity with a lot of room for growth.


At this property, safety is very important and many steps are taken to make sure that all residents, guests and tourists are safe and healthy. The project has high-tech security features, such as CCTV cameras, manned security guards and safe entry points. These steps make the area safe and secure, so everyone can use the facilities and services without worrying.


The Devika Katra is set to become a landmark development in Katra, Jammu. It offers a unique combination of retail, hospitality and residential options. With its brilliant location, well-notion-out format and adherence to RERA regulations. It promises to be a better region to stay and paintings. This project is a super area to stay, visit, or run a business as it has the whole thing you want for an amazing urban lifestyle.

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