Century Regalia Indiranagar BangaloreCentury Regalia Indiranagar Bangalore


Century Regalia Indiranagar Bangalore provides 2, 3, and 4 BHK residences. This project stands out due to its high-give-up layout, modern-day capabilities, and remarkable function. It is an incredible choice for families and employees who need high-quality comfort and convenience.

Location Advantages:

Being inside the active area of Indiranagar, it is in an amazing spot that makes it smooth to get to places of interest and offerings that people need. The construction is near the Shri Someshwara Swamy Temple. It is a holy place of worship that makes the region’s experience calmer. Beyond Travel and Equilibrium Climbing Station are both close to where people live and may be used for travel or training. One of the most popular locations to live in Bangalore is Indiranagar. It is understood for its busy surroundings, tremendous restaurants, and energetic nightlife.


It has extraordinary connections, which makes commuting clean for its residents. Century Regalia is close to Mahatma Gandhi Road, which is an essential avenue that links many elements of the city. The Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is straightforward to get to, which makes the tour reachable for people who fly plenty. Being near the Gomti Nagar railway also gives you greater approaches to connect, which makes it less difficult to get across the city and to other places outdoor of it.

Made with Vastu Principles:

Vastu principles have been used to create this project, which makes for a peaceful place to live. The historic Indian technology of architecture called Vastu Shastra stresses the importance of keeping the float of strength in a dwelling place in balance. The flats carefully designed to assist the folks who stay there to be wholesome, wealthy, and glad. Paying attention to Vastu information creates very good and nonviolent surroundings that improve the fitness of everyone who lives there.

Floor Plan:

The floor plans at Century Regalia Indiranagar Bangalore had carefully designed to make high-quality use of the room and make the dwelling comfortable. The 2 BHK flats have fine bedrooms, properly-designed kitchens, and big dwelling rooms. The 3 BHK residences have more area, making them perfect for families with greater youngsters. The 4 BHK residences are the peak of luxury, with massive residing rooms, multiple bedrooms, and excessive-quit furniture and fittings. Each flat intended to let in a whole lot of natural mild and air go with the flow, making the space experience fresh and alluring.


There are numerous specific amenities at Century that meet the wants of all of its citizens. The apartment includes a swimming pool, a trendy health center, and a play area just for youngsters. There is a well-geared-up clubhouse and a multipurpose hall for occasions and social meetings. Landscaped parks and strolling paths make for a nonviolent region to relax and revel in loose time. There is also protection that is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a backup strength device, and plenty of parking.


Century Regalia Bangalore neighborhood is the right blend of luxury, consolation, and ease of use. It offers a wonderful dwelling revel in fits residents thanks to its tremendous location, easy admission to, Va-compliant layout, and modern services. It is an exceptional region to buy a dream home in Bangalore, whether or not you’re an expert seeking to be near commercial enterprise hubs or a circle of relatives seeking out a quiet place that is simple to get to.

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